Aside from the crucial proper-nutrition and regular-exercise duo, the use of supplements has been known to bolster efforts to achieve strength, power, and muscled heft. To a novice, however, deciding on what supplements to take can be quite intimidating. There seems to be so many choices available, some promising the same results, that one can become really bewildered.

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There are countless supplements packaged in various ways. They are manufactured and marketed by various companies of diverse reputes. They carry varied price tags, too. What is important to bear in mind, however, is the reason why you are seeking a particular supplement. The supplements you choose would depend on the requirements of your training program.

Most fitness experts would place protein foremost in the list of supplements they would recommend. It is fundamental to any bodybuilder hopeful. It feeds the muscles and enables them to grow in strength and bulk. It is also necessary to repair and rebuild tissues exposed to everyday wear and tear, more so if a challenging training program is involved.

People, however, can eat only so much chicken or so many eggs a day to provide their entire protein requirement. It is for this reason that people are becoming increasingly familiar with whey protein. Whey protein is a full resource of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), fundamental amino acids which are transformed and directly releases energy in the muscles. It is vital to the growth and development of muscles, especially if a person engages in cardiovascular and strength training. Moreover, it is easy to take. It usually comes as a powdery substance generally dissolved in water and taken in as a shake. Available in many flavors, it is an easy, accessible protein source.

Creatine has great medicinal value. It brings down cholesterol levels. It hastens metabolism. It enables muscles to keep water and gain in bulk. It keeps your energy level up by helping you combat tiredness. All these benefits, essential in building muscle mass, put creatine up there with the best ones when it comes to supplements to help build muscles.

Among bodybuilders, glutamine is considered as a supplement which runs neck to neck with creatine as far as benefits are concerned. Glutamine is an amino acid which is a natural by-product of the body. It helps the muscles recover from the daily onslaught of physical activity. If this daily routine includes concentrated physical training, a glutamine supplement may be called for to enhance the body’s capacity to recover from fatigue and over-use. Otherwise, the muscles will be unable to recuperate and thereby lose their bulk and strength.

Nitric oxide is another supplement which is laden with acknowledged benefits for bodybuilders. It facilitates the surge of vital nutrients to where they are needed. It enables one to lift heavier weights, gives actions more power and force, and aids muscles contract effectively. Because the aforementioned actions are central to how fast one can build muscles, taking nitric oxide is to a bodybuilder’s advantage. Research also indicates that nitric acid brings on a surge of sexual interest and staying power. This seems to be a welcome side effect to everybody who is considering the use of this supplement for weights training.

These supplements are the ones often mentioned by fitness experts when they are asked for recommendations. These seem to be the ones considered to have utmost influence in efforts to amass muscle bulk and strength.

It, of course, goes without saying that these supplements are simply that -- supplements. They DO NOT take the place of proper nutrition and the right exercise program to achieve the desired increase in muscle strength, power, and bulk. It being an important factor to bodybuilding, however, one would do well to study the different supplements available so that one can make well-considered decisions before purchasing them.

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