Simply everybody wants to be in top form these days…to be physically fit, healthy, in shape. If you are among those who dream about getting a healthy constitution packaged in a lean and mean form, then you must be seriously looking around for counsel on how to realize your dream. Look no more…I will share with you a program which addresses this issue head on.

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A strong and powerful physique calls for muscles which are well-developed by the right work-out or training. People who are bent on getting a strapping, well-built form usually go to a fitness center where there is a lot of equipment available to achieve this form. It is important to realize that the more you exercise your body through weight lifting and other similar methods, you have to constantly level up the weights you are working with. You have to work with increasingly heavier weights, as well as apply greater force. You will be in a better position to attain increased growth and expansion of your muscles.

It is also crucial to keep in mind that aside from the fundamental muscle building routines that you started out with, you must move on to exercises which target compound muscle groups that a more laid-back person would not think of working out. This is the way to go if you want to beef up your program and ensure continued growth and progress. It of course goes without saying that for you to sustain your efforts, you have to load up on body-building protein-rich food.

How do you determine what exact weights work best for you? It is best to choose weights which are heavy enough for you to do a particular routine between three to six times. If doing seven or more repetitions is a breeze for you, the weights you are using are too light. You have to increase it. On the other hand, if you cannot even complete three repetitions, you have to choose lighter weights.

Basically, there are two major types of muscle tissues. One type, often referred to as fast twitch, makes you able to carry, push, and move really heavy weights. These muscles tend to tire easily. The other type, known as slow twitch, enables you to move lighter weights, run, and go the distance without getting fatigued easily. The first type gives you the sharply defined, tough, hard-rock, solid form; the second type is not as visible but does its job just as well.

There are certain researches which tell you how much weight to use to maximize the development of fast twitch muscles so you can achieve the muscled, powerful look. As most researches go, however, these are based on averages; people tend to differ in actuality. It seems best for you to find out what optimum weights to work out with by trying out different weights and listening to your body. You lessen the risk of hurting yourself with weights which your body is currently unable to work positively with.


Check out a weight. If it is so light that you can easily do seven repetitions without breaking out a sweat, increase the weight by about ten percent. In the same manner, if the weight is too heavy that you can hardly complete three repetitions, try a weight which is lighter by ten percent. As your body gains in strength as you do regular exercises, you might have to increase the weights after half a month or so. Constantly listen to your body and to how it reacts to the weights you are using. Use the weights which are ideal for your present capacity.

Fight the temptation to compare yourself with the other guys in the gym. Use weights which are suitable for your body in its present form and capability. People who compare themselves with other weights-enthusiasts and succumb to the enticement of using inappropriate weights end up getting hurt, or looking foolish. Do not sacrifice proper form and execution by using weights which are decidedly beyond your capacity to work effectively with. Working with a partner is ideal. You help each other out – keep each other safe, check on each other’s form, and constantly motivate each other so that each of you works to the appropriate maximum limit.

Before you know it, you will be moving on to heavier weights. Your body will gain the strength and power you want, the lean, mean, and ripped look that you dream of.

Click here to watch a FREE presentation with important tips on fat burning foods and wired workouts and exercises for guys and women to lose abdominal fat.